CMC: The First 60 Years - A Musical History

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Community Music Center: The First 60 Years - A Musical History 

Since 1955, the Community Music Center of Portland, Oregon has been enriching the greater Portland community by providing opportunities to learn about, make, and enjoy music. It has produced alumni estimated in the tens of thousands, and concerts, recitals, events and other activities for attendees numbering well beyond that. But who brought the Community Music Center into existence, and what were the influences that helped it germinate, grow and thrive? 

Both a historical profile and memory album, this book lays out the fascinating story of Portland’s Community Music Center, from the early inspirational movements in local arts education, to the vision of CMC’s founders, the accomplishments of students, and the significant resources and thriving community of the Center today.

Author Don Nelson pulls this all together from dozens of hours of interviews and albums of archival materials to create a combined historical and modern-day account of the Community Music that is sure to be a captivating read for anyone interested in Portland’s history and a cherished keepsake for any CMC student - past or

Nelson’s previous works include Pictorial History of St. Johns, South Park Blocks – A Neighborhood History, Bethany: A Community in Transition, available from the author at

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Paperback. 115 pages. Color cover, B&W text/photos.

ISBN 978-0976282389

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